Hemp Extracts

The natural terpenes captured in our oils are unlike any other. Its distinct formula is healing to the body and pleasing to the palate.

A complete collection of hemp products


Our story began in 2014 when we started The New Amsterdam.

We approached the cannabis industry from medical and wellness background. Using the best strains, extractions methods and sciences in the world to deliver an unparalleled product.

We are now approaching HEMP the same way.

Our team is composed of experts ensuring that care and quality is front and foremost from seed until the customer breaks the seal of our products. When you purchase a TNA Hemp product you are receiving only the highest caliber of hemp products for everyday health and wellness.

Extracted with TNA’s proprietary methods we’ve managed to preserve the natural terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoid profiles making each of our products flavorful, effective and enjoyable.

Our mission is simple...

Help people with the power of hemp.


— Coming Soon —Hemp Capsules

We are very proud of the punch our proprietary Hemp Blend brings you. It’s relief is finished by an overwhelming sense of balance.


— Coming Soon —Hemp Creams

Harnessing the curing molecules locked in Hemp we’ve created two specialized formulas perfect for relief.

Skin Repair™ uses Hemp to help rejuvenating the skin through hydration.
Pain Relief™ uses the healing of Hemp to bring comfort to your discomforts.


— Coming Soon —Cartridge & Vape Kit

Extracted with strict science, our CO2 method keeps the original terpenes intact and our flavor smooth.


— Coming Soon —Hemp Gummies

Made with medicinal like methods these gummies are grounded in great flavor and give a great overall feeling of relief.


— Coming Soon —Hemp Tea Blends

Containing a full spectrum of natural plant cannabinoids and notes of chlorophyll this tea is delicious and beyond calming.

Available in Loose Leaf Tea and Tea Bag varieties.


— Coming Soon —Honey Sticks

Honey and Hemp Root are ancient healers and when combined have incredible healing powers. Oh, turns out they taste great too!


— Coming Soon —Dog Treats

Happy pets are made through Hemp treats. Improving skin, coat and overall health. They’ll be beggin’ for it.

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